Vinci Hair Clinic offers discounts on Valentine

By: Kwadwo Baffoe Donkor
Vinci Hair Clinic offers 25 percent discount vouchers for Valentine
Ayo Otubanjo is the CEO, Africa Region, Vinci Hair Clinic
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AS part of the Valentine's Day celebrations, Vinci Hair Clinic, located at East Legon is giving a 25 per cent discount vouchers on hair treatments from now till the end of February.

Vinci Hair Clinic is an established hair clinic with extensive experience in hair treatment and restoration and has offices in 15 countries around the world.

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They have three offices in West Africa; one in Accra at East Legon and two in Abuja and Lagos in Nigeria.

The clinic’s treatment options range from medication to surgical and non-surgical procedures in the treatment and restoration of hair loss for both males and females.

Mr Ayo Otubanjo is the CEO, Africa Region, Vinci Hair Clinic and he told Graphic Showbiz that the objective of the clinic was to bring cutting edge solutions to all those who suffer from hair loss and baldness.

“We have the same technology, the same expertise and the same great staff passion and commitment as any of the other Vinci Clinics in the global group, with the added advantage of our extensive experience in providing hair restoration solutions for Afro hair.

"The net result is a win-win for Vinci’s African clients as it saves them both money and time by not having to travel abroad,” he said.

He urged those suffering from hair loss, bald patches, lost edges or a receding hairline to take advantage of the discount to seek solutions.

“This is our little way of giving back to the public. Our consultations are carried out in a warm, professional, friendly and nurturing environment and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone with hair loss issues,” he stated.

The promotional vouchers can be picked up at the clinic in East Legon while emails can also be sent to their email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.